Omnimine -Your No 1 Mining Information stop

Omnimine -Your No 1 Mining Information stop




Service Description

Ronate Risk Management Consultants


Consultant - Risk management, External Auditor



Consultant - Underground watersealing

Pincock Allen & Holt


Mining Software and Mine Consulting Services



Mining Software and Mine Consulting Services


Asia Pacific

Mining Software and Mine Consulting Services

SRK Consulting (UK) Ltd


Geological modelling, mine design, scheduling etc

Coffey Mining


Consulting and operational support



Mining Software and Mine Consulting Services




A M Bromley Limited



A&E Systems Sdn Bhd



A&K Railroads Materials Inc

Steel Ties

A&K Railroads Materials Inc.



A. L. Lee Corp.



A. M. King Industries

Component Manufacturer

A.F.T. Trenchers Ltd



A.L. Lee Corp

A.M. King Industries, Inc.



A.R. Wilfley & Sons Inc.



A.W. Chesterton Company

Component Manufacturer

A.W. Chesterton Company



A1 Minerals Limited



Aaron Equipment Company

Buy & Sell Mining Process Equipment, Asset Management

Aaron Equipment Company



Abacus Mining & Exploration Corp.






Abbastar Resources Corporation



ABC Industries



ABC Ventilation Systems International Ltd.



ABCO Engineering Corp.



Abcourt Mines Inc.



ABEL GmbH & Co. KG



ABEM Instrument AB



Abenteuer Resources Corp.



Abington Resources Ltd.



Abitex Resources



Abitibi Mining Corp.



Abra Mining Limited



Abu Dhabi National Oil Company






Acadian Mining Corporation



A-Cap Resources Limited



Accent Resources N.L.



Acclaim Exploration NL



Acero-Martin Exploration Inc.



Acker Drill Company



Acme Analytical Laboratories (Vancouver) Ltd.



Acme Dynamics, Inc.



Acme Resources Inc.



acQuire Technology Solutions Pty Ltd



Acrex Ventures Ltd.



Action Equipment Co., Inc.



Action Minerals Inc.



Action Mining Services Inc



ActivEX Limited









Adamus Resources Ltd.



Adanac Molybdenum Corporation



Adavale Resources Limited



Addax Petroleum



Adelaide Energy Limited



Adelaide Resources Limited



Adelphi Energy Limited



Adex Mining Inc.



Aditya Birla Minerals Limited



ADM Systems Engineering



Admiral Bay Resources Inc.



Admiralty Resources NL



Adriana Resources Inc.



Adroit Resources Inc.



Adrok Ltd



Advance Anti-Slip Surfaces Pty Ltd.



Advance Energy Ltd



Advance Products & Systems, Inc.



Advanced Chain Technologies



Advanced Detection Systems



Advanced Drainage Systems



Advanced Explorations Inc.



Advanced Magnesium Technologies Pty Ltd



Advanced Material Handling Ltd.



Advanced Primary Minerals



Advantage A.C.T. (Pty) Ltd



Advantage Oil and Gas Ltd.



Advantage PressurePro LLC



Adventure Gold Inc.



Aecometric Corporation



AED Oil Limited



AERgO International Pty Ltd



Aerobelt Australia Pty Ltd



AFEX Systems



Afgen (Pty) Ltd



AfNat Resources Limited



Africa Pacific Capital



Africa West Minerals Corp.



African Aura Mining Inc.



African Consolidated Resources PLC



African Copper Plc



African Diamonds plc



African Eagle Resources plc



African Energy Resources



African Gold Group, Inc.



African Lion



Afri-Can Marine Minerals Corp.



African Metals Corporation



African Minerals Limited



African Queen Mines Ltd.



African Rainbow Minerals Limited



Africo Resources Ltd



Agapito Associates, Inc.



AGD Mining 



Aggregates Equipment, Inc.



Aggreko Plc



Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited



Agora Tires, Inc



Agrium Inc.



Aguila American Resources Ltd.



Airborne Solutions



Airepure Australia Pty. Ltd.



AirFlow Catalyst Systems, Inc.






Airplaco Equipment Company



Aj Lucas Group Limited



AKA Ventures Inc.



Aker Solutions



AKG of America, Inc



Akkerman Exploration B.V.



AKW Apparate + Verfahren GmbH



Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry AB



Alamar Resources Ltd.



Alamos Gold Inc.



Alanco Technologies, Inc.



Alange Energy Corp.



Alara Resources Limited



Alba Mineral Resources plc



Albany Door Systems



Alberta Oilsands Inc.



Alberta Star Development Corp.



Albidon Limited



Alchemy Resources Limited



Alcoa Inc.



Alcyone Resources Ltd



Alder Resources Ltd.



Alderon Resource Corp.



Aldershot Resources Ltd.



Aldridge Minerals Inc.



Aldrin Resource Corp.



Alexander Mining plc



Alexandria Minerals Corporation



Alexco Resource Corp.



Alexis Minerals Corporation



Alhambra Resources Ltd.



Alimak Hek AB



Alix Resources Corp



Alkane Exploration 



Alkane Resources Ltd.



All Pumps Supplies



All Rubber



Allana Resources Inc.



Allegheny Process Systems



Allegheny Technologies Incorporated



Allenwest Wallacetown Limited



Allete Inc.



Allfreight International Pty Ltd.



Alliance Mining Corporation



Alliance Resources Limited



Allied Construction Products, LLC



Allied Gold Limited



Allied Nevada Gold Corp.



Allmand Bros., Inc.



Allmineral LLC



Alloy Resources Limited



All-State Industries Inc.



Alluvial Dredging & Mining Services



Almaden Minerals Ltd.



Alpetro Resources Ltd.



Alpha Gold Corporation



Alpha Natural Resources, Inc.



Alphamin Resources Corp.



ALS Laboratory Group.



Alston Ventures Incorporated



Alta Metallurgical Services



AltaCanada Energy Corp.



Altai Resources Inc.



Altair Ventures Inc.



Altau Gold Corporation Plc



Altera Resources Limited



Altera Resources Ltd.



Altima Resources Ltd.



Altius Corporation



Alto Ventures Ltd.



Altona Energy



Altona Mining Limited



Altos Hornos de México S.A. de C.V.



Altura Mining Limited



Alturas Minerals Corp.



Alumina Limited



Amadeus Energy Limited



Amador Gold Corp.



Amalgamated Construction Ltd.



Amanta Resources Ltd.



Amarc Resources Ltd.



Amarillo Gold Corp.



Amato Exploration Ltd.



Amazon Mining Holding PLC



AMC Consultants Pty Ltd.



Amco Drilling (UK) Limited



AME Mineral Economics






AmerCable Incorporated



Amerex Corporation



American Airworks



American Alloy Steel



American Bonanza Gold Corporation



American Commercial Incorporated



American Consolidated Minerals Corp.



American Creek Resources Ltd.



American Goldfields Inc.



American Manganese Inc.



American Mine Door Co.



American Mine Research



American National Carbide



American Natural Energy Corporation



American Uranium Corporation Inc.



Americas Petrogas Inc.



Amerigo Resources Ltd.



Amerisur Resources Plc



Amerityre Corporation



Amerix Precious Metals Corporation



Amex Resources Limited



AMI Resources Inc.



Ammtec Limited



Amseco Exploration Ltd.



Amur Minerals Corporation



Anaconda Mining Inc.



Anatolia Minerals Development Ltd.



Anchor Resources Limited



Andean American Mining Corp.



Andean Resources Limited



AndeanGold Ltd.



Anderson Energy Ltd.



Andina Minerals Inc.



Andover Ventures Inc.



Anfield Nickel Corp.



Angel Mining PLC



Anglesey Mining plc



Anglo Aluminum Corp.



Anglo American Chile



Anglo American Plc



Anglo Australian Resource NL



Anglo Coal Australia Pty Ltd.



Anglo Pacific Group Plc



Anglo Platinum Limited



Anglo Swiss Resources Inc.



Anglo-Bomarc Mines, Ltd.



Anglo-Canadian Uranium Corp.



Anglogold Ashanti Brasil Mineracao Ltda



AngloGold Ashanti Limited



Animas Resources Ltd






Anodyne Services Australia



Anooraq Resources Corporation






Antares Energy Limited



Antares Minerals Inc



Anterra Energy Inc.



Antioquia Gold Inc.



Antofagasta plc



AntOro Resources, Inc.



Antrim Energy Inc.



Anvil Mining Limited



APAC Coal Limited



Apache Hose & Belting Co., Inc.






Apella Resources Inc.



Apex Drilling Services Ltd



Apex Minerals NL



Apogee Minerals Ltd.



Apollo Gold Corporation



Apollo Minerals Limited



Apolo Gold and Energy Inc.



Apoquindo Minerals Inc.



Appalaches Resources Inc



Appalachian Highwall Mining, LLC



Appalachian Mining & Engineering Inc.



Appleton Explorations



Applied Industrial Technologies



Approved Site Investigations Ltd.



Aprilla Grids



APS Supply



Aquarius Platinum Limited



Aquila Resources Inc.



Aquila Resources Limited



Aquila Resources 



Arabian American Development Company



Aragon Resources Limited



Arawak Energy Limited



Arc Exploration Limited



Arc Multi-Metals



Arcan Resources Ltd.



Archer Exploration Limited



Arco Resources Corp.



Arctic Drilling Company Oy



Arctic Star Diamond Corp.



Arcturus Ventures Inc.



Arehada Mining Limited



AREVA Resources Canada Inc.



Argent Minerals Limited



Argentex Mining Corporation



Argo Exploration Limited



Argonaut Gold Inc.



Argonaut Resources NL



Argosy Minerals 



Argus Metals Corp.



Argyle Diamonds Australia 



Arian Silver Corporation



Arkanova Energy Corporation



Armada-Vingida Structures



Armadillo Resources Ltd.



Armistice Resources Corp.



Arrow Energy Limited



Artemis Resources Limited



Artha Resources Corporation



Arthur habermann gmbh & CO. KG



Arumpo Bentonite 



Arup Pty Limited



Asahi/America, Inc.



Ascot Resources Ltd.



Aseamco Pty Ltd.



ASGCO Manufacturing, Inc.



Ashburton Minerals Ltd



Ashburton Minerals 



Ashburton Ventures Inc.



Ashford Engineering Consultants



Ashland Inc.



Ashton Coal Operations Limited



Asia Now Resources Corp.



Asian Mineral Resources Limited



Aspen Custom Trailers



Aspire Mining Limited



Assmang Limited



Associated Gaskets



Astec Industries Inc



Astorius Resources Ltd.



Astral Mining Corporation



Astralloy Steel Products Inc.



Astro Mining NL 



Astro Resources NL



Astron Limited



ATAC Resources Ltd.



Atacama Minerals Corp.



ATC Group



Athena Resources Limited



Atikwa Resources Inc.






Atlanta Gold Inc.



Atlantic Gold NL



Atlantic Industries Limited



Atlantic Ltd



Atlas Copco Construction Mining Technique USA LLC



Atlas Iron Limited



Atlas Minerals Inc.



Atlas Weighing Pty. Ltd.



Atna Resources Ltd.



Atocha Resources Inc.



Atom Energy Limited



Atomic Resources Ltd



Atticus Resources Limited



ATW Gold Corp.



AuDAX Resources Ltd



AuEx Ventures Inc.



Augen Gold Corp.



Augur Resources Ltd



Augusta Resource Corporation



Augustine Ventures Inc.



Augustus Minerals Limited



Augyva Mining Resources Inc.



Aura Energy Ltd



Aura Minerals Inc.



Aura Silver Resources Inc.



Auramex Resource Corp.



Aurcana Corporation



Aurea Imaging Ltd.



Aurelio Resource Corporation



Aurium Resources Limited



Aurizon Mines Ltd.



Aurora Minerals Limited



Aurora Oil & Gas Limited



Aurox Resources Limited



Ausco Modular



Ausgold Limited



Ausmon Resources Limited



Ausquest Limited



Aussie Q Resources Limited



AusTex Oil Limited



Austin Exploration Limited



Austin Powder Company



Austindo Resources Corporation 



Austminex - Kalgoorlie 



Austminex - Perth 



Austpac Resources N.L.



Austral Africa Resources Limited



Austral Gold Limited



Australasia Gold Limited



Australasian Resources Limited



Australia Minerals and Mining Group Ltd.



Australian Gold Investments Limited



Australian Magnesium Corporation 



Australian Mines Limited



Australian Mines 



Australian Oil Company Limited



Australian Renewable Fuels Limited



Australian Specialised Machinery Glass



Australian United Gold 



Australian Zircon NL



Auzex Resources Limited



Avalon Minerals Ltd



Avalon Rare Metals Inc.



Avanco Resources Ltd.



Avanti Mining Inc.



Aventurine Engineering, Inc.



Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd.



Avion Gold Corporation



Avnel Gold Mining Limited



Avoca Resources Ltd.



Avoca Resources 



Avocet Mining PLC



Avonlea Minerals Limited



Avtron Inc.



AWE Limited



Axiom Mining Limited



Axis House






Azimut Exploration Inc.



Aztec Resources 



Azteca Gold Corp.



Azumah Resources Limited



Azure Minerals Limited



Azure Resources Corporation



B.I.D. Ltd.



B2Gold Corp.



BacTech Mining Corporation



Baffinland Iron Mines Corporation



Baja Mining Corp



Baker Steel Capital Managers LLP



Baldwin Industrial Systems Pty Ltd



Baltic Scientific Instruments, Ltd.



Bandanna Energy Limited



Bandera Gold LTD.



Bankers Petroleum Ltd.



Bannerman Resources Limited



Banro Corporation



Baobab Mining Services Pty Ltd.



Baraka Petroleum Limited



Bard Ventures Ltd.



Barker Minerals Ltd.



Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd.






Barr Engineering Company



Barra Resources Limited



Barra Resources 



Barranco Resources N.L.



Barrick Gold Corporation



Base Iron Ltd



BASF Construction Chemicals Europe Ltd



Bass Metals Ltd.



Bass Strait Oil Company Ltd



Bassari Resources Ltd.



Batavia Mining Limited



Bateman Engineering N.V.



Bathurst Resources Limited



Bauxite Resources Limited



Bayfield Ventures Corp.



Bayswater Uranium Corp.



BC Iron Limited



BCD Resources NL



BCGold Corporation



BCM Resources Corp.



Beach Energy



Beacon Hill Resources Plc



Beacon Minerals Ltd.



Beaconsfield Gold NL 



Beadell Resources Limited



Bear Creek Mining Corporation



Bear Lake Gold Ltd.



Bearclaw Capital Corp.



Beaufield Resources Inc.



Becker Mining Systems AG



Bedford Consulting Group Inc.



Behre Dolbear & Company, Inc.



Beijing Hengju Oilfield Chemical Agent Co.Ltd



Bekem Metals Inc.



Bell Copper Corporation



Bellhaven Copper & Gold, Inc.,



Belmont Resources Inc.



Belvedere Resources Limited



Benchmark Energy Corp.



Bender Industrial Products



Bendigo Mining Limited



Bengal Energy Ltd.



Benhaus Mining (Pty) Ltd.



Bentley Power Equipment



Benton Resources Corp.



Beowulf Mining plc



Berens Energy Ltd.



Berkeley Resources Ltd



Berkley Resources Inc.



Berry Petroleum Company



Bestech Australia Pty. Ltd.



BEUMER Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG



Bezant Resources Plc



BG Group plc.



BHP Billiton Plc



Big Red Diamond Corporation



Bill Barrett Corporation



Birchcliff Energy Ltd.



Bird River Mines Inc.



Bisichi Mining PLC



Bison Gold Resources Inc.



Bitterroot Resources Ltd.



BJM Pumps, LLC



Black Bull Resources Inc.



Black Fire Minerals Limited



Black Hills Exploration and Production



Black Panther Mining Corp.



Black Range Minerals



Black Ridge Mining NL



Black Tusk Minerals Inc.



Blackdog Resources Ltd.



Blackham Resources Limited



BlackPearl Resources Inc.



Blackstone Ventures Inc.



Blackthorn Resources Ltd



Blaze International Limited



Blina Diamonds NL



BLP Training & Services Pty Ltd.



BLUCHER Australia Pty Ltd



Blue Dolphin Energy Company



Blue Energy Limited



Blue Mining Corporation



Blue Note Mining Inc.



Blue Sky Uranium Corp.



Bluhm Burton Engineering (Pty) Ltd.



BNP Resources Inc.



BNT Nordic AB



Boart Longyear



Bobcat Company



Bold Ventures Inc.



Bolero Resources Corp.




Lead <>

Boliden AB (publ)



Boltstress Ultrasonics



Bonanza Resources Corporation



Bondi Mining



Bonterra Energy Corp.



BonTerra Resources Inc.



Bootleg Exploration Inc.



Boral Limited



Bosich (1955) Pty. Ltd.



Boss Energy Limited



Boss Power Corp.



Botswana Metals Limited



Bougainville Copper Limited



Boundary Equipment Co. Ltd.



Bounty Mining Ltd



Bounty Oil and Gas NL



Bow Energy Ltd.



Bowen Energy Limited



Bowgan Minerals Limited



Bowmore Exploration Ltd.



Boxxer Gold Corp.



BP Solar Pty Ltd



BPC Limited



Bralorne Gold Mines Ltd.



Bravo Gold Corp.



Bravo Venture Group



Brazauro Resources Corp.



Brazilian Diamonds Limited



Brazilian Gold Corporation



Brazilian Resources Corporation



BRC DiamondCore Ltd.



Breakaway Resources



Breaker Technology Inc.



Breakwater Resources Ltd.



Brett Resources Inc.



Bri-Chem Corp.



Bridge Resources Corp.



Bridgeport Ventures Inc.



Bridon International Ltd



Brigadier Gold Limited



Brilliant Mining Corp.



Brimstone Mining, Inc.



Brinkley Mining Plc



Brinx Resources Ltd.



Britannica Resource Corporation



Brockman Resources Limited



Brokk AB



BroKrew Industrial (Pty)Ltd.



Bronco Creek Exploration



Bronco Energy Ltd.



Brookmount Explorations Inc.



Brookville Equipment Corp.



Brownstone Resources Inc.



Bruker AXS, Inc.



Brumby Resources Limited



Brunner & Lay, Inc.



Brush Wellman Inc.



BryDet Development Corporation



Buckeye Industrial supply Co.



Bucyrus International, Inc.



Buffalo Gold Ltd.



Bulk Pro Systems, LLC



Bullion Monarch Mining Inc.



Burey Gold Limited



Burleson Energy Ltd



Burnstone Ventures Inc.



Buru Energy Limited



Business Consultants Mexico



Buxton Resources Limited



BWI Eagle






Byrnecut Mining Pty Ltd.



C&R Equipment Sales



C.E. Niehoff & Co.



C.U.E. Inc.



C2C Gold Corporation Inc.



Cabo Drilling Corp.



Cabot Corporation



Cadillac Mining Corporation



Cadillac Ventures Inc.



Caerus Resource Corporation



Caldera Resources Inc.



Caledon Resources Plc



Caledonia Mining Corporation



Calibre Mining Corp.



Callabonna Uranium Limited



Callidan Instruments Pty Ltd.



Callinan Mines Ltd.



Calvalley Petroleum Inc.



Calypso uranium corp.



Camber Corporation



Cambridge Mineral Resources plc



Cameco Corporation



Camelot Mining Pty (Ltd)


Canaco Resources Inc.



Canacol Energy Ltd.



Canada Energy Partners Inc.



Canada Fluorspar Inc.



Canada Gas Corporation



Canada Gold Corporation



Canadian Arrow Mines, Ltd.



Canadian Imperial Venture Corp.



Canadian International Minerals Inc.



Canadian Mining Company Inc.



Canadian Natural Resources Limited



Canadian Oil Sands Limited



Canadian Orebodies Inc



Canadian Shield Resources Ltd.



Canadian Spirit Resources Inc.



Canadian Wear Technologies Ltd.



Canadian Zinc Corporation



Canaf Group Inc.



CanAlaska Uranium Ltd.



Canarc Resource Corp.



Canasil Resources Inc.



Can-Cal Resources Ltd.



Cancor Mines Inc.



Candente Resource Corp.



Candorado Operating Company Ltd.



Canext Energy Ltd.



Cangold Limited



Canstar Resources Inc.



Cantex Energy Corp.



Cantex Mine Development Corporation



Canuc Resources Corporation



Canyon Copper Corp.



Canyon Resources Corporation






Cape Alumina Limited



Cape Lambert Resources Ltd



Capella Resources Ltd



Capital Gold Corporation



Capital Mining Limited



CapRock Communications, Inc.



Capstone Mining Corp.



Carbine Resources



Carbon Friendly Enterprises (CFE)






Cardax (Australia) Pty Ltd



Cardero Resource Corp.



Cariboo Rose Resources Ltd.



Carlin Gold Corporation






Carman Industries, Inc.



Carmax Explorations Ltd.



Carnarvon Petroleum Limited



Carnavale Resources Limited



Carnon Contracting



Carpathian Gold Inc.



Carpathian Resources Limited



Carpentaria Exploration Limited



Carrick Gold Limited



Carriere Industrial Supply Limited



Cartier Resources Inc.



Cascadero Copper Corporation



Cascadia Resources Inc.



Cash Minerals Ltd.



Caspian Oil & Gas Limited



Cassidy Gold Corp.



Castillian Resources Corp.



Castle Minerals Limited



Castle Resources Inc.



Castlemaine Goldfields Limited



Catalina Resources PLC



Catalpa Resources Limited



Catalyst Metals Limited



Cater Care Services






Caterspares and Equipment



Cathedral Energy Services Ltd.



Cattron Group International, Inc.



Cauldron Energy Limited



Cavan Ventures Inc.



Cavotec Canada Inc.



Cayenne Gold Mines Ltd



Caza Gold Corp.



Cazaly Resources Ltd.



CBH Resources Limited



CBP Engineering Corp



CBR Gold Corp.



CDE Ireland Ltd



CDG Engineers



Cedar Mountain Exploration Inc.



Celeste Copper Corporation



Cellular Concrete LLC



Celtic Minerals Ltd.



CEMTEC Cement and Mining Technology GmbH



Centamin Egypt Limited



Centaurus Resources Limited



Centennial Coal Company Limited



Centerra Gold Inc.



Central Alberta Well Services Corp.



Central Asia Gold AB



Central Asia Resources Limited



Central China Goldfields plc



Central Iron Ore Limited



Central Petroleum Ltd.



Central Rand Gold Limited



Central Resources Corp.



Centrex Metals Ltd.



Centurion Minerals Ltd.



Century Energy Ltd.



Century Mining Corporation



Ceramco Pty Ltd



CF Mineral Research Ltd



CGA Mining Limited



CGX Energy Inc.



Chai Cha Na Mining Inc.



Chalice Diamond Corp.



Chalice Gold Mines Limited



Challenge Energy Ltd.



Chameleon Mining NL



Champion Bear Resources Ltd.



Champion Filters Mfg. Co



Champion Minerals Inc.



Channel Resources Ltd.



Chariot Resources Limited



Charles Hull Contracting Pty Ltd



CHASM Consulting



Chatoyer Holdings Pty Ltd



CHEMC Environmental



Cheminova A/S



Chemvulc Marketing Pty Ltd



Chesapeake Energy Corporation



Chesapeake gold corp.



Chesser Resources Ltd



Chevron Australia Pty Ltd



Chevron Canada Limited



Chimu Resources S.A.C.



China coal energy company limited



China Metallurgical Group Corporation



China National Petroleum Corporation



China Steel Australia Limited



Christopher James Gold Corp.



Chromex Mining plc



Chromium Corporation



Chrysalis Resources Limited



Churchill Mining Plc



CI Resources Limited



CIC Energy Corp.






Cigma Metals Corporation



Cinch Energy Corp.



Cincinnati Mine Machinery Co.



Circumpacific Energy Corporation



Cirrus Energy Corporation



Citadel Resource Group Limited



Citigold Corporation Limited



Cityview Corporation Ltd.



Claim Post Resources, Inc.



Clancy Exploration Limited






Clariant Mining Services



Claude Resources Inc.



Clayton Williams Energy, Inc.



Clean Global Energy



Clear Edge Filtration



Clearwater Consulting Group



Cleveland Mining



Cliffs Natural Resources



Clifton Mining Company



Clifton Star Resources Inc.



Cline Mining Corporation



Cloncurry Metals Limited



Cloudbreak Resources Ltd.



Clough Limited



Cluff Gold plc.



Cluff Resources Pacific NL



CMC Metals Ltd.



CME Blasting & Mining Equipment Ltd.



CMQ Resources Inc.



Coal & Allied Industries Ltd.



Coal Fe Resources Limited



Coal of Africa Limited



Coal Services Pty Limited



Coal Software & Systems, Inc.






Coalspur Mines Ltd



Coalworks Limited



Coastal Caribbean Oils & Minerals, Ltd.



Coastal Enterprises (WA) Pty Ltd



Coastport Capital Inc.



Cobar Consolidated Resources Limited



Cockatoo Coal Ltd.



Coeur d’Alene Mines Corporation



Cogitore Resources Inc.



Cognis Corporation



Colibrys SA



Colombian Mines Corporation



Colonia Energy Corp.



Colonial Resources Limited



Colorado Goldfields Inc.



Colossus Minerals Inc.



Colt Resources Inc.



Columbia Steel Casting Co., Inc



Columbia Yukon Explorations Inc.



Columbus Gold Corporation



Columbus Silver Corporation



Comaplex Minerals Corp.



Comet Resources LTD



Comet Ridge Limited



Commander Resources Ltd.



Commerce Group Corp.



Commerce Resources Corp.



CommodasUltrasort GmbH



Companhia Brasileira de Metalurgia e Mineracao



Companhia Industrial Fluminense



Compania de Minas Buenaventura



Compania Minera Dona Ines de Collahuasi



Compass Gold Corporation



Compass Resources NL (Sydney)



Compliance Energy Corporation



Compton Petroleum Corporation



Condor Gold & Minerals Inc.



Condor Nickel Ltd



Condor Resources Inc.



Cone Drive Operations, Inc.






Connacher Oil and Gas Limited



Connemara Mining Company



Conquest Mining Limited



Conquest Resources Limited



Conroy Diamonds and Gold P.l.c.



CONSOL Energy Inc.



Consolidated Abaddon Resources Inc.



Consolidated Rutile Limited



Consolidated Spire Ventures, Ltd.



Consolidated Thompson Iron Mines Ltd.



Consolidated Tin Mines Limited



Constantine Metal Resources Ltd.



Contact Exploration Inc.



Contector AB



Continental Coal Ltd.



Continental Minerals Corporation



Continental Nickel Limited



Continental Precious Minerals Inc.



ContiTech AG



Convergent Minerals Limited



Cooee Products Pty Ltd.






Cooper Energy Limited



Cooper Minerals Inc.



CoorsTek Technical Ceramics



Copelmi Mineração Ltda



Copper Canyon Resources Ltd.



Copper Creek Ventures Ltd.



Copper Mines of Tasmania Pty Ltd



Copper Mountain Mining Corporation



Copper One Inc.



Copper Range Ltd.



Copper Reef Mining Corporation



Copper Ridge Explorations Inc.



Copper Strike



CopperFox Metals Inc.



Coppermoly Limited



Coral Gold Resources Ltd.



Core Practice LLC



Corex Gold Corp.



Coro Mining Corp.



Coronado Resources Ltd.



Corridor Resources Inc.



Corriente Resources Inc.



Cortona Resources Limited



Corvette Resources Limited



Cougar Metals NL



Cougar Minerals Corp.



Covenant Resources Ltd.



Coventry Resources Limited



Coziron Resources Limited



Cream Minerals Ltd.



Crescent Gold Limited



Crescent Point Energy Corp.



Crescent Resources Corp.



Creston Moly Corp.



Cresval Capital Corp.



Crew Energy Inc.



Crew Gold Corporation






Cristaudo's Industrial Electrics (CIE)



Crocodile Gold Corp.



Crosshair Exploration & Mining Corp.



Crossland Uranium Mines Ltd.



Crowflight Minerals Inc.



Crown Minerals



Crown Point Ventures Ltd.



Crusader Resources Ltd.



Crusher Manganese Steels Limited



Crystallex International Corporation









Cue Energy Resources Ltd



Cuervo Resources Inc.



Culane Energy Corp.



Cullen Resources Limited



Cumco Pty Ltd



Curlew Lake Resources Inc.



Curnamona Energy Limited



Currie Rose Resources Inc.



CWS Industries (Mfg) Corp.






Cygam Energy Inc.



Cypress Development Corp.



Cypress Hills Resource Corp.



Cytec Industries Inc.



D'Aguilar Gold Limited



Dajin Resources Corp.






Damen Dredging Equipment



Dana Holding Corporation



Dannemora Mineral AB






Darnley Bay Resources Limited



Dart Mining



Datamine International



Davey Bickford USA Inc.



Davis Derby Ltd



DavyMarkham Limited



DAXCON Engineering, Inc.



Daylight Resources Trust



Daytona Energy Corporation



De Beers Canada



De Grey Mining Ltd



Decade Resources Ltd.



Deccan Gold Mines Limited



Deep Well Oil & Gas, Inc.



Deep Yellow Ltd.



deilmann-haniel mining systems gmbh



Deister Concentrator LLC



Dejour Enterprises Ltd.



DEL Corporation



Delkor Global



Della Toffola Spa



Deloro Resources Ltd.



Delphi Energy Corp.



Delta Uranium Inc.



Denbury Resources Inc.



Denison Mines Corporation



Dentonia Resources Ltd.



Derek Oil & Gas Corporation



Desert Energy Ltd.



Desert Gold Ventures, Inc.



Desmarais Energy Corporation



Detour Gold Corporation



Devico AS



Devon Energy Corporation



DeWAL Industries



DexSecurity Solutions (Pty) Ltd



DFC Ceramics






DFT Inc.



DF-VIMARC Corporation



Dhanoa Minerale Ltd.



Dia Bras Exploration Inc.



Diadem Resources Ltd.






Diamcor Mining Inc.



DIAMO, state enterprise



Diamond Conveyors



Diamond Discoveries International Corp.



Diamond Exploration Inc.



Diamond Fields International Ltd.



DiamondCorp PLC



Diamondex Resources Ltd.



Diamonds North Resources Ltd.



DiamonEx Limited






Diatreme Resources Limited



Diaz Resources Ltd.



Dieci Australia






Digger Resources Inc



Dings Company Dynamics Group



Dings Magnetics Group



Dios Exploration Inc.



Discovery Metals Limited



District Gold Inc.



Ditem Explorations Inc.



DMC Mining Limited



Doe Run Company



Doe Run Peru



Dominion Minerals Corp.



Dominion Mining Limited



Donaldson Coal



Donaldson Company, Inc.



Donner Metals Ltd.



Doral Energy



Dorato Resources Inc.



Doray Minerals Limited.



Dorex Minerals Inc.



Dosco Overseas Engineering Limited



DOT Resources Ltd.



Douglas Lake Minerals Inc.



Dourado Resources Limited



Dowa Metals & Mining Co., Ltd



Downer EDI Limited



Downhole Surveys Pty Ltd.



DRA Mineral Projects (Pty) Ltd



DRA Mining (Pty) Ltd



Draeger Medical India Pvt. Ltd.



Dragflow S.r.l.



Dragon Capital Group



Dragon Energy Ltd



Dragon Mining



Dragon Mountain Gold Ltd.



Drake Energy Ltd.



Drake Resources Limited






Driconeq Production AB



Drill Pro International, Inc.



Drillco Tools



Drillcon AB



Drillers Supply International



Drillsearch Energy Limited



Drummond Company, Inc.



Drummond Gold Limited



DualEx Energy International Inc.



Duke Mountain Resources, Inc.



Duluth Metals Limited



Dumas Contracting Ltd.



Dumont Nickel Inc.



Duncan Park Holdings Corp.



Duncastle Gold Corp.



Dundarave Resources Inc.



Dundee Precious Metals Inc.






Duran Ventures Inc.



DuraWear Corporation



Durex Products, Inc.



Dust-A-Side (Pty) Ltd.



Dutch Gold Resources, Inc



DUX Machinery Corporation



DVM International Limited



Dwyer Engineering & Construction Pty Ltd



Dynacor Gold Mines Inc.



Dynasty Gold Corp.



Dynasty Metals & Mining Inc.



Dynasty Metals Australia Ltd



Dyno Nobel Limited



DYWIDAG-Systems International GmbH



E + M Brunnenbau und Bohrtechnik GmbH



E6 Hard Materials



Eagle Eye Metals Limited



Eagle Hill Exploration Corporation



Eagle Nickel Limited



Eagle Plains Resources Ltd.



Eaglecrest Explorations, Ltd.



Earthmover Tyres International Ltd



East Asia Minerals Corporation



East Coast Minerals



East Energy Resources Limited



Eastern Corporation Limited



Eastern Iron Limited.



Eastern Platinum Limited



Eastern Star Gas



Eastfield Resources Ltd.



Eastmain Resources Inc.



EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd.



Echo Energy Canada Inc.



Echo Resources Limited



EcoMax Energy Services Ltd.



Ecometals Ltd



ECU Silver Mining Inc.



Eden Energy Ltd



E-Energy Ventures Inc.



EGA Master, S.A



Eickhoff Bergbautechnik GmbH



Eimco Elecon (India) Limited



El Capitan Precious Metals Inc.



El Niño Ventures Inc.



El Tigre Silver Corp.



Eldorado Gold Corporation



Eldore Mining Corporation



Eleckra Mines Limited



Electrometals Technologies Limited



Elektrometal S.A.



Elemental Minerals Limited



Elementos Limited



Eletric Machines CELMA S.A.



Elgin National Industries, Inc.



Elixir Petroleum Limited



Elk Petroleum Limited



Ellicott Dredges, LLC



Ellis International Services, Inc.



Eloro Resources Ltd.



Ely Gold & Minerals Inc.






Ember Resources Inc.



EMC Metals Corp.



Emeco International Pty Ltd



EMED Mining



Emerald Bay Energy Inc.



Emerald Equipment Systems, Inc.



Emerald Oil & Gas NL



Emergent Resources Limited



Emerson Power Transmission



Emgold Mining Corporation



EMM Energy Inc.



Emmerson Resources Limited.



Empire Mining Corporation



Empire Resources Limited



Emu Nickel NL



Encana Corporation



Encanto Potash Corp.



Encore Renaissance Resources Corp.



Encounter Resources Ltd



Endeavour Financial



Endeavour Silver Corp.



Endress+Hauser Instruments International AG



Endurance Gold Corporation



Eneabba Gas Limited



Energem Resources Inc.



Energia Minerals Ltd.



Energizer Resources Inc



Energold Drilling Corp.



EnerGulf Resources Inc.



Energy & Minerals Australia Limited



Energy Developments Limited



Energy Fuels Inc.



Energy Metals Limited



Energy Power Systems Australia



Energy Resources of Australia Ltd



Energy Ventures Ltd.



Energybuild Holdings Limited



Enerplus Resources Fund



Engart Inc



Engine Control Systems Limited



Engineered Lifting Systems, LLC



Enseco Energy Services



Entek Energy Limited



Enterprise Metals Limited



Enterprise Oilfield Group



Enterra Energy Trust



Entourage Mining Ltd.



Entrée Gold Inc.



EnviroGold Limited



Environmental Clean Technologies Limited



EPCOR Utilities Inc.



Epsilon Energy Limited



Equatorial Coal Limited



Equinox Minerals Limited



Equinox Resources 



Equipment Placement



ERCO Worldwide



Erdene Resource Development Corp.



Eriez Manufacturing Co



Eriez Manufacturing Co.



Erin Ventures Inc



Eromanga Hydrocarbons Limited



Erongo Energy Limited



Escape Gold Inc.



Escondoro Resources Ltd



Eskay Mining Corporation



Eso Uranium Corp.



ESO Uranium Corp.



Esperanza Silver Corporation



Essa Australia Limited



Esser Saar Machinery GmbH



ET Underground Solutions



Eternal Energy Corp.



Ethan Minerals Limited



Ethos Capital Corp.



Eti Aluminium Co. Inc



EtQ, Inc.



Etruscan Resources Inc.



Eurasia Mining Plc



Eurasian Minerals Inc.



Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation PLC



Eureka Energy Ltd.



Eureka Resources Inc.



Eurogas Corporation



Eurogomma di Annoni



EurOmax Resources Limited



European Goldfields Limited



European Nickel PLC



Eutectic Corporation



Evans Energy, LLC



Everett Resources Ltd.



Everfor Resources plc



Everton Resources Inc.



Evolving Gold Corp.



Exall Energy Corporation



Excalibur Mining Corporation Limited



Excalibur Resources Ltd.



Excel Gold Mining Inc.



Excellon Resources Inc.



Exco Resources Ltd



EXCO Resources, Inc.



Exeter Resource Corporation



Exile Resources, Inc.



Exoma Energy Limited



Explor Resources Inc.



Explorator Resources Inc.



Extorre Gold Mines Limited



Extract Resources



Exxaro Resources Limited



Exxon Mobil Corporation



EZI Communications



Fabryka Taśm Transporterowych Wolbrom S.A.



Fairborne Energy Ltd.



Fairchild International



Fairstar Resources Limited



FairWest Energy Corporation



Falcon Concentrators



Falcon Minerals Limited



Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd.



Falcon Performance Footwear



Fall River Resources Ltd.



FAM Magdeburger Förderanlagen und Baumaschinen GmbH



Fambition Mining Technology Co. Ltd.






Fancamp Exploration Ltd



Far West Mining Ltd.



Farallon Mining Ltd.



Fastwave Communications



FEECO International, Inc



FELUWA Pumpen GmbH



Fenner Dunlop America



FerrAus Limited



Ferro Corporation



Ferrowest Limited



FHF-Bergbautechnik GmbH & Co KG



Fibergrate Composite Structures Incorporated



Fieldex Exploration



Filtra Systems



Finders Resources Limited



Finlay Minerals Ltd.



Finn Equipment Sales






Fire Monitoring Systems Ltd



Fire River Gold Corp.



FiReP International AG



Firestone Diamonds plc



Firestone Energy Limited



Firestone Ventures Inc.



First Bauxite Corporation



First Gold Exploration Inc.



First Idaho Resources Inc.



First Majestic Silver Corp.



First Metals Inc.



First Nickel Inc.



First Point Minerals Corp.



First Pursuit Ventures Limited



First Quantum Minerals Ltd.



First Source Resources, Inc.



First Star Resources Inc.



First Uranium Corporation



Firstgold Corp.



Firwin Corp.



Fischer-Watt Gold Company



Fission Energy Limited



Fjordland Exploration Inc.



Flanders Electric



Flender AG



Fletcher Nickel Inc.



Flexit Australia



Flinders Mines Limited



Flourish China Co.,Limited



FLSmidth Krebs



FLSmidth Minerals Inc.



Fluid Systems Inc.



Fluor Corporation



FMC Technologies



FNX Mining Company Inc.



Focus Minerals Ltd.



Focus Ventures Ltd.



Foran Mining Corporation



Ford Steel Company






Foremost Industries LP



Forest Gate Energy Inc.



Formation Metals Inc.



Forsys Metals Corp.



Forte Energy NL



Fortescue Metals Group Ltd



Fortress Energy Inc.



Fortress Minerals Corp.



Fortuna Silver Mines Inc.



Fortune Minerals Ltd.



Fortune River Resource Corp.



Forum Uranium Corp.



Foundation Resources Inc.



Fox Resources Ltd.



Fractum GmbH



Franco-Nevada Corporation



Franconia Minerals Corporation



Franklin Mining, Inc.



Frederick Mining Controls, LLC



Freedom Eye Ltd



Freegold Ventures Limited



Freeport Resources Inc.



Freewest Resources Canada Inc.






Fremantle Hydraulics






Frog, Switch & Manufacturing Co.



Fronteer Development Group



Frontera Copper Corporation



Frontier Mining Ltd.



Frontier Resources Ltd.



Frontier-Kemper Constructors, Inc.



Full Metal Minerals



FX Energy, Inc.



G.L. Tiley & Associates Ltd.



G4G Resources Ltd.



Gabriel Resources Ltd.



Galahad Metals Inc.



Galantas Gold Corporation



Galaxy Resources Limited



Galleon Energy Inc.



Galore Resources Inc.



Galway Resources Ltd.



Gammon Gold Inc.



Garibaldi Resources Corp.



Garrison International Ltd.



Gas2Grid Limited



Gascoyne Resources Limited



Gastar Exploration Ltd.



Gastem Inc.



Gateway Mining NL



GB Energy Limited



GBM Resources Ltd



GCM Resources plc



Gekko Systems



Gem Diamonds Limited



Gem International Resources Inc.



Gemco Minerals Inc.



Gemcom Software International Inc.



Gemecs (Pty) Ltd



Gemfields Plc



Gemstar Diaminds Limited



Genco Resources Ltd.



General Cable Technologies Corporation



General Kinematics Corporation



General Mining Corporation LTD.



General Moly, Inc.



Genesis Minerals Limited



Genesis Resources Ltd



Geo Minerals Ltd.



Geobrugg AG






Geodex Minerals Ltd.



Geodrilling Bits Mfr.



Geographe Enterprises



Geoimage Pty Ltd



Geologix Explorations Inc.



Geomine Consulting Namibia CC



Geopacific Resources NL



GeoPetro Resources Company



GeoProMining Ltd.



GeoResources, Inc.



Georox Resources Inc.



GeoSonics Inc.



Geothermal Resources Limited



Geovic Mining Corp



Getman Corporation



Getty Copper Inc.



GFI Oil & Gas Inc.



GFM Resources Limited



GGL Resources Corp.



GHH Fahrzeuge GmbH



GIA Industri AB






Gimpex Minerals Private Limited



Gindalbie Metals Ltd.



Ginguro Exploration Inc.



Gippsland Limited



Gippsland Offshore Petroleum Limited



Giralia Resources NL



Gitennes Exploration Inc.



Givot Olam Oil Ltd.



GIW Industries



Gjerstad mek. industri AS



Gladstone Pacific Nickel Limited



Gleichen Resources Ltd



Glen Eagle Resources Inc.



Glengarry Resources Limited



Global Alumina Corporation



Global Geoscience Ltd



Global Gold Corporation



Global Hunter Corp.



Global Integrated Solutions (Africa) Ltd



Global Iron Ltd



Global Minerals Ltd.



Global Nickel Investments Limited



Global Petroleum Limited



Global Uranium Corp.



Global Wheel



Globe Metals & Mining



Globe Metals & Mining Limited



Globe Specialty Metals Inc.



GlobeStar Mining Corp.



Globex Mining Enterprises Inc.



Gloucester Coal Ltd



GLR Resources Inc



GM Mining Electrics



GMA Garnet Pty Ltd.



GMA Resources Plc



GME Resources Ltd



GMV Minerals Inc.



GobiMin Inc.



Godwin Pumps of America, Inc.



Golconda Resources Ltd.



Gold Aura Limited



Gold Canyon Resources Inc.



Gold Fields Limited



Gold Hawk Resources Inc.



Gold One International Limited



Gold Point Energy Corp.



Gold Reach Resources Ltd.



Gold Reserve Inc.



Gold Resource Corporation



Gold Star Resources Corp.



Gold Summit Corporation



Gold World Resources Inc.



Goldbrook Ventures Inc.



Goldcliff Resource Corporation



Goldcorp Inc.



Golden Alliance Resources Corp.



Golden Arch Resources Ltd.



Golden Arrow Resources Corporation



Golden Band Resources Inc



Golden Chalice Resources Limited



Golden Cross Resources



Golden Dawn Minerals Inc.



Golden Deeps Limited



Golden Dorey Resources Limited.



Golden Dory Resources Corporation



Golden Eagle International, Inc.



Golden Gate Petroleum Ltd.



Golden Goliath Resources Ltd



Golden Goose Resources Inc.



Golden Harp Resources Inc



Golden Hope Mines Limited



Golden Odyssey Mining Inc.



Golden Peaks Resources Ltd.



Golden Phoenix Minerals, Inc



Golden Predator Royalty & Development Corp.



Golden Queen Mining Co. Ltd.



Golden Reign Resources, Ltd.



Golden Rim Resources Ltd



Golden Share Mining Corporation



Golden Star Resources Ltd.



Golden State Resources Limited



Golden Tag Resources Ltd.



Golden Tiger Mining NL



Golden Valley Mines Ltd.



Golden West Resources Ltd



Goldenfrank Resources Inc.



Golder Associates Inc.



Goldex Resources Corporation



Goldeye Explorations Limited



Goldminco Corporation



Goldminex Resources Limited



Gold-Ore Resources Ltd.



Goldplat Plc



GoldQuest Mining Corp.



Goldrea Resources Corp.



Goldrich Mining Company



Goldrush Resources Ltd.



Goldsearch Limited



GoldSpring Inc.



Goldstake Explorations Inc.



Goldstone Resources Ltd.



Gondwana Resources Limited



Goodz & Associates GMC Pty Ltd.



Gossan Resources Limited



Grace Industries, Inc.



Grady Enterprises, Inc.



Graham A Brown & Associates



Grand Gulf Energy Limited



Grande Cache Coal Corporation



Grande Portage Resources Ltd



Grandview Gold Inc.



Grange Resources Limited



Grängesberg Iron AB



Gray Rock Resources Ltd.



Grayd Resource Corporation



Graynic Metals Limited



Great Basin Gold Limited



Great Panther Silver Limited



Great Plains Exploration Inc.



Great Quest Metals Ltd.



Great Western Exploration Limited



Great Western Minerals Group Ltd.



Greater Bendigo Gold Mines Limited



Greatland Gold plc



Green Gas International UK Ltd.



Greenearth Energy



Greenland Minerals and Energy Ltd.



Greenock Resources



Greentree Gas & Oil Ltd.



Greenvale Mining NL



Grenville Gold Corp



Greystar Resources Ltd.



Griffin Mining Limited



Grindex AB



Grizzly Discoveries Inc.



Groote Resources Ltd



Grosvenor Engineering Company






Groundstar Resources Ltd.



Group Five Corporate & Business Services



Grunewald GmbH



Gryphon Gold Corporation



Gryphon Minerals



GSE Lining Technology, LLC



GTI Resources Ltd



Guardian Exploration Inc.



Gujarat NRE Coking Coal Limited



Gulf Atlantic Industrial Equipment Inc.



Gulf International Mineral Ltd.



Gulf Mines Limited



Gulf Shores Resources Ltd.



Gulfside Minerals Ltd.



Gullewa Limited



Gundlach Equipment Corporation



Gunson Resources Limited



Guyana Goldfields Inc.



GWR Resources Inc.



Gympie Eldorado Mining



Hagglunds Drives AB



Halo Resources Ltd.



Hambledon Mining Plc



Hammerstone Corporation



Hampton Hill Mining NL



Hana Mining Ltd.



Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd.



Handini Resources Limited



Hannans Reward Ltd.



Hansen Transmissions International nv



Haoma Mining NL



Happy Creek Minerals Ltd.



Hard Creek Nickel Corp.



Hard Dollar



Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited



Harry Winston Diamond Corporation



Harte Gold Corp.



Harvest Energy



Harvest Gold Corporation



Hathor Exploration Ltd.






Havilah Resources NL



Hawk Uranium Inc



Hawkeye Gold & Diamond Inc.



Hawthorn Resources Limited



Hawthorne Gold Corp.



Hazelwood Resources Limited



Heatherdale Resources Limited



Heathgate Resources Pty. Ltd.



Hecla Mining Company



Helio Resource Corporation



Helix Resources Limited



Hellix Ventures Inc.



Hema Endustri A.S



Hemisphere Energy Corporation



Hemisphere Resources Ltd.



Hems International



Henan Liming Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.



Hepburn Engineering Inc.



Herald Resources



Herco Kuhltechnik Hermanns & Co. GmbH



Hercules Equipment Ltd.



Herencia Resources plc



Heritage Gold NZ Limited



Heritage Oil



Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik GmbH



Heron Resources Limited



Herrmans Oy Ab Nordic Lights



Hess Corporation



Hi Ho Silver Resources Inc.



High Desert Gold Corporation



High Ridge Resources Inc.



High River Gold Mines Ltd.



Highbank Resources Ltd.



Highland Gold Mining Limited



Highland Resources Inc.



Highlands Pacific Limited



Hill End Gold Limited



Hillgrove Resources Limited



Hillsborough Resources Limited



Hindalco Industries Limited



Hinterland Metals Inc.



HMZ Metals Inc.



Hochschild Mining Plc



Hodges Resources Limitied



Homeland Energy Group Ltd.



Homeland Uranium Inc.



Horizon Oil Limited



Horizonte Minerals Plc



Hornby Bay Mineral Exploration Ltd



Hot Rock Limited



Houston Lake Mining






HPL Group



Hrltesting Pty Ltd



HudBay Minerals Inc.



Hudson Resources Inc.



Huldra Silver Inc.



Hunnu Coal



Hunt Mining Corp.



Huntington Exploration Inc.



Husky Energy Inc.



HWE Mining



Hy Lake Gold Inc.



Iamgold Corp.



IAMGOLD Head Office:


IBC Advanced Alloys Corp.



IBC Water Pty Ltd



Iberian Minerals Corp.



IBI Corporation



Iciena Ventures Inc.



ICN Resources Ltd.



Icon Resources Ltd.



ICS Copper Systems Ltd.



IGE Nordic AB



IHC Merwede B.V.



Iluka Resources Limited



IMA Engineering



IMC-SRG Consulting Private Limited



Imdex Limited



i-minerals Inc.



Immediate Assistants Pty Ltd



Immersive Technologies Pty. Ltd.



IMP Pty. Ltd.



Impact Minerals Limited



Impact Silver Corp.



Impala Mineral Exploration Corp.



Imperial Corporation Limited



Imperial Metals Corporation



Imperial Systems, Inc.



Impress Energy Limited



IMX Resources Limited



Inca Pacific Resources Inc.



INCO engineering, s.r.o.



Independence Group NL



Independent Mining Consultants, Inc.



India Resources Limited



India Star Energy Plc



Indicator Minerals Inc.



Indigo Exploration Inc.



Indo Mines Limited



Indocan Resources Inc



Indophil Resources NL



Industrial & Mining Tools Co. Pvt. Ltd.



Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Ltd.



Industrial Minerals Corporation



Industrial Seating, Inc.



Industriemaschinen-Bergbau-Service GmbH



InduTechnik GmbH



Infinito Gold Ltd.



Inlet Resources Ltd



Inmet Mining Corporation



Innamincka Petroleum Ltd.



Innov-X Systems, Inc.



Inovex Industries, Inc.



Inoxihp Australia Pty Ltd.



INPEX Corporation



Inspiration Mining Corporation



Inspired Systems






Intec Ltd



Integra Mining Limited



Integrated Resources Group Limited



Integrity Design and Research Corporation



Inter-Citic Minerals Inc



INTERGEO Environmental Technology Ltd.



InterMet Resources Ltd



International Coal Group, Inc.



International Conveyor Products



International Enexco Ltd.



International Frontier Resources Corporation



International Gold Resources Inc



International KRL Resources Corp.



International Metal Recycling



International Millennium Mining Corp.



International Minerals Corporation



International Montoro Resources Inc.



International Nickel Ventures Corporation



International Northair Mines Ltd



International PBX Ventures Ltd.



International Power plc



International Rollforms, Inc.



International Samuel Exploration Corp.



International Silver, Inc.



International Tower Hill Mines Ltd.



Interra Resources Limited






Intrepid Mines Limited



Invecture Management, S.C.



Iowa Mold Tooling Co., Inc.



Irish Drilling Limited



Iron Creek Capital Corp.



Iron Mountain Mining Ltd



Iron Ore Holdings Ltd



Iron Road Limited



Ironbark Zinc Limited



Ironclad Mining Limited



Ironhorse Oil & Gas Inc.



Ishine International Resources Limited



Island Arc Exploration Corp



Iteration Energy Ltd.



ITM Mining Ltd



ITT - Goulds Pumps



ITW Korroflex



ITW Polymers & Fluids



Ivanhoe Australia Limited



Ivanhoe Energy Inc.



Ivanhoe Mines Ltd



Ivany Mining Inc.



J Smith & Sons



J&M Tire International Inc.





J.A.G. Mines Ltd



J.C.D. Australia Pty Ltd



J.D. Neuhaus Gmbh & Co. Kg



J.H. Fletcher & Co.



Jabiru Metals Limited



Jacks Winches



Jackson Drilling Ltd.






Jaguar Minerals Ltd



Jaguar Mining Inc.






JAMA by Contector



James A. Redding Company



James Bay Resources Limited



James River Coal Company



Jameson Resources Limited



Japan Canada Oil Sands Limited



Japan Coal Energy Center (JCOAL)



Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation



Jasper Mining Corporation



Jaxon Minerals Inc.



Jayalakshmi Malleables



Jazz Resources Inc



JCHX Mining Construction Group



Jeffrey Rader Corporation



Jellinbah Resources Pty Ltd



Jensen Ventilation AB



Jervois Mining Limited



Jet Gold Corp.



Jetcom Inc.



Jetcrete Australia



JGB Enterprises, Inc.



Jiangxi Copper Corporation



Jiminex Inc.



Jinchuan Group Limited



Jinduicheng Molybdenum Group Co.,Ltd.



Jinshan Gold Mines Inc






JNR Resources Inc



John T. Boyd Company



JOST GmbH + Co. KG



Jourdan Resources Inc.



Journey Resources Corp



JSC Donetsk Mine Rescue Equipment Plant



Jubilee Platinum plc






Jupiter Energy Limited



Jupiter Mines Limited



Jura Energy Corporation



JVI Vibratory Equipment



K.R. Komarek, Inc.



K2 Energy Ltd.



Kador Engineering (Aust) Pty Ltd



Kagara Ltd



Kairiki Energy Limited



Kaiser Aluminum Corporation



KAL Energy Inc



Kalahari Minerals plc



Kalahari Resources Inc.



Kali BMH Systems (P) Ltd.



Kalimantan Gold Corporation Limited



Kaminak Gold Corporation



Kangaroo Resources Limited



Kansai Mining Corporation Ltd.



Karelian Diamond Resources PLC



Karmin Exploration



Karoon Gas Australia Ltd



KASA Consulting



Kasbah Resources Limited



Katanga Mining Limited



KazakhGold Group Limited



Kazakhmys PLC



Keegan Resources Inc.



KEFI Minerals



Kenmare Resources plc.



Kennecott Utah Copper



Kent Exploration Inc.



Kentor Gold Limited



Kermode Resources Ltd.



KettenWulf Betriebs GmbH



Kettle River Resources Ltd.



Key Petroleum Limited



Keystone Mining Service



KFG Resources Ltd.



Khan Resources Inc.



Kilgore Oil & Gas



Killdeer Minerals Inc.



Kilo Goldmines Ltd.



Kimber Resources Inc.



Kimberley Metals Ltd



Kimseed International



Kinane Engineering LLC



King Island Scheelite Limited



King Solomon Mines Limited



King’s Bay Gold Corporation



Kings Minerals NL



Kingsgate Consolidated Limited



Kingsman Resources Inc.



Kingsrose Mining Limited



Kinross Gold Corporation



Kirkland Lake Gold Inc.,



Kirrin Resources Inc.



Kiska Metals Corporation



Kivalliq Energy Corporation



Klohn Crippen Berger Ltd.



Klondex Mines Ltd.



Klondike Gold Corp.



Klondike Silver Corp.



Knapheide GmbH Hydraulik-Systeme



Knick Exploration



Knight Resources Ltd.



Kobex Minerals Inc.



Kodiak Exploration Limited



Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp.



Kola Mining Corporation






Komatsu America Corp.



Konkola Copper Mines Plc



Kootenay Energy Inc.



Kootenay Gold Inc.



Kopane Diamond Developments






Korab Resources Ltd.



Korvest Ltd



Kowari Motors Pty Ltd



Koza Gold Operations Inc.



Kraft Power Corporation



Kria Resources Ltd.



KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH



Krucible Metals Pty Ltd.



Kryso Resources plc



KS Bit, Inc.



Kumba Iron Ore Limited



Kumera Corporation



Kutta Technologies



KWG Resources Inc.



L&H Industrial



La Mancha Resources Inc.



La Quinta Resource Corporation



Labrador Iron Mines Limited



Lachlan Star Limited



Laconia Resources Limited



Laguna Resources NL



Lake Resources N.L.



Lake Shore Gold Corp.



Lake Victoria Mining Company Inc.



Lakes Oil N.L.



Lakewood Mining Co. Ltd.



LANDER Simulation & Training Solutions, S.A.



Landore Resources Canada Inc.



Lanna Resources Public Company Limited



Lappland Goldminers AB



Lara Exploration Ltd.



Laramide Resources Ltd.



Largo Resources Ltd.



Lario Oil & Gas Company



Larox Corporation



Lateegra Gold Corp.



Latin American Minerals Inc.



Latin Gold Limited



Latrobe Magnesium Limited



Laurentian Goldfields Ltd.



Laurion Mineral Exploration Inc.



Lawson Products, Inc.



LEBUS International Engineers GmbH






Lee Supply Company, Inc.



Leeward Capital Corp.



Lefroy Resources Limited



Legacy Oil + Gas Inc.



Legend International Holdings, Inc.



Legend Mining Limited



Levon Resources Ltd.



Lexam Explorations Inc.



Leyshon Resources Limited



LHS Rock Tools Co.,Ltd.



Liberty Mines Inc.



Liberty Resources Limited



Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp.



Liddell Coal Operations Pty Ltd



Lihir Gold Limited



Linatex Inc



Lincoln Minerals Limited



Lincoln Mining Corporation



Lindian Resources Limited



Linear Gold Corp



Linear Metals Corp.



Link Pumps



Linux Gold Corp.



Lion Energy Corp.



Lion Selection Group



Lions Gate Energy Inc.



Liontown Resources Limited



Liquefied Natural Gas Limited



Lithic Resources Ltd.



LKA International, Inc.



LNG Energy Ltd.



Lodestar Minerals Limited



Lodestone Energy Limited



Logan Copper Inc.



Logan Resources Ltd.



Logi-Tec, Inc.



Lomiko Metals Inc.



London Mining Plc



Longford Energy Inc.



Longi Magnet Co. Ltd.



Longreach Oil Limited



Longwall Associates Inc.



Lonmin Plc



Lonrho Mining Limited



Loon Energy Corporation



Lorraine Copper Corp.



Los Andes Copper Ltd.



Lounor Exploration Inc.



Louvem Mines Inc.



Lovitt Resources Inc.



Loy Yang Power



Lubrication Engineers, Inc.



Lucara Diamond Corp.



Ludowici Limited



Luiri Gold Limited



LUKOIL oil company



Lumina Copper Corp.



Luna Gold Corp.



Lund Gold Ltd.



Lundin Mining Corporation



Lydian International Ltd.



Lynas Corporation Ltd



Lyntek Incorporated



Lysander Minerals Corporation






MAC Equipment, Inc.



Macarthur Coal Limited



Macarthur Minerals Limited



MacDonald Mines Exploration Ltd.



Machinery & Equipment, Inc.



Macquarie Harbour Mining Limited



Macusani Yellowcake Inc.



Madalena Ventures Inc.



Madison Energy Corp.



Madison Minerals Inc.



Maestro Ventures Ltd.



MAG Silver Corp



Magellan Minerals Ltd.



Maghreb Minerals Plc



Magma Metals Ltd.



Magna Mining NL



Magna Resources Management Corporation



Magnetek Mining Inc.



Magnetic Products Inc.



Magnum Mining and Exploration Limited



Magnum Uranium Corp.



Mahalo Energy Ltd.



Maintenance Products Australia Pty Ltd (MPA)



Majescor Resources Inc.



Majestic Gold Corp.



Major Drilling Group International Inc.



Major Wire Industries Limited



Mala Noche Resources Corp.



Malachite Resources Limited



Malaga Inc.



Malagasy Minerals Limited



Malbex Resources



Mamba Minerals Limited



Manas Resources



Mandalay Resources Corporation



Manhattan Corporation Ltd



Manicouagan Minerals Inc.






Mansfield Minerals Inc.



Manson Creek Resources Ltd.



Mantis Mineral Corp.



Mantle Mining Corporation Ltd



Mantra Resources Limited



Maptek / KRJA Systems Ltd



Maptek Chile Ltda



Maptek Informatica do Brasil



Maptek Pty Ltd.



Marathon Oil Corporation



Marathon PGM Corporation



Marathon Resources Limited



Marauder Resources East Coast Inc.



Marengo Mining Limited



Marenica Energy Limited



Mariana Resources Ltd.



Marifil Mines Ltd.



Marine Mining Corp.



Marksmen Resources Ltd.



Marmota Energy Limited



Marston & Marston, Inc.



Mart Resources Inc.



Martin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.



Maschinenfabrik Hese GmbH



Massey Energy Corporation



Master Drilling (Pty) Ltd.



Master Magnets Ltd.



Masuparia Gold Corporation



Matamec Exploration Inc



Matheson Mining Consultants, Inc.



Matilda Zircon Limited



Matrix Metals Limited



Matsa Resources Limited



Maudore Minerals Ltd.



Maverick Energy, Inc.



Maverick Oil & Gas



Mawarid Mining



Mawson Resources Ltd



Mawson West Ltd



Max Resource Corp.



Maxdrill Rock Tools Co., Ltd



Maximus Resources



Maxtech Ventures Inc.



MAYA Gold and Silver Inc.



Mayen Minerals Ltd.



Mayfair Mining & Minerals, Inc.



Mazzer Industries, Inc.



MBMI Resources Inc.



McArthur River Mining Pty Ltd



McLaren Resources Inc.



McNeall Plastics



McNeil Industries



McQuaid Engineering Ltd



MDN Inc.



ME Elecmetal



Meadow Bay Capital Corp.



Measurement Devices Ltd.



Mec Resources Ltd.






Mechtric Pty Ltd



Medallion Resources Ltd.



Mediterranean Resources Ltd.



Medoro Resources Ltd



Medusa Mining Limited



Medvet Laboratories



Mega Precious Metals Inc.



Mega Uranium Ltd.



Megadoor AB



MegaMoly Inc.



Megastar Development Corp.



Melkior Resources Inc.



Mengold Resources Inc.



MEO Australia



Merafe Resources Limited



Merc International Minerals Inc.



Mercator Gold PLC



Mercator Minerals Ltd.



Meridian Minerals Limited



Merit Mining Corp.



Merrex Gold Inc.



Mesa Resources, Inc.



Mesa Uranium Corp.



Messina Minerals Inc.



MetalCORP Limited



Metalex Ventures Ltd.



Metallica Minerals Ltd.



Metalline Mining Company



Metallum Resources Inc.



Metalore Resources Limited



Metals Australia Ltd



Metals Exploration Plc



Metals X Limited



Metanor Resources Inc.



Meteoric Resources



Metgasco Limited






Metorex Limited



MetroCoal Ltd



METROPOL Investment Financial Company Ltd.



Metropolitan Mining Inc.



Metso Corporation



MeVEA Ltd.



Mexivada Mining Corp.



MGM Energy Corp.



Mhag Mining



Mica Elektro Oy Ltd.



Micrex Development Corp.



Micronics, Inc.



Midas Resources Limited



Midasco Capital Corp.



Midland Exploration



Midlands Minerals



Midnight Oil Exploration Ltd.



Midway Gold Corp.



Midwest Industrial Sales



Midwinter Resources NL



MIL Resources Limited



Mill Bay Ventures Inc.



Mill City Gold Corp.



Millennium Minerals Limited



Miller Technology Inc.



Millrock Resources Inc.



Millstream Mines Ltd.



Minang Jordanindo Group



Minara Resources Limited



Minasco Australia Pty. Ltd.



Minco Gold Corporation



Minco Pipe, Inc.



Minco Plc



Minco Silver Corporation



Mincon, Inc.



Mincor Resources NL



Mindax Limited



Mindoro Resources Ltd.



Mine and Quarry Engineering Services (Uranium), Inc.



Mine Master Ltd.



Mine On-Line Service Oy



Mine Radio Systems Inc.



Mine Site Technologies Pty Limited



Mine Ventilation Services Inc



MineARC Systems



Minefinders Corporation Ltd.



Minelite Pty Ltd



Minemakers Limited



Minera Andes Incorporated



Minera Geometales Sociedad Anonima



Minera IRL Limited



Minera Santa Rita S.R.L.



Minera Titan Del Peru S.R.L.



Mineracao Vila Nova



Mineral Commodities Limited



Mineral Deposits Limited



Mineral Hill Industries Ltd.



Mineral Technologies



MineralFields Group



Mineralogy Pty Ltd



Minero Siderurgica De Ponferrada S.A



Mines Management, Inc.



Minesafe Radiator Caps



Mini Maritsa Iztok EAD



Mining Contractors Insurance Brokers



Mining Industry Resources Pty Ltd



Mining Projects Group Limited



Miniveyor Products Ltd



MinMet plc






Minotaur Exploration Ltd



Mintec, Inc.



Minterra Resource Corp.



Minvent Solutions



MIP Process Technologies



Mirabela Nickel Ltd



Miranda Gold Corp.



Mirasol Resources Ltd.



Mithril Resources Ltd



MKY Resources



MM Mining Plc



Mmakau Mining



MMD Group UK



MMX Mineracao e Metalicos S.A.



Moby Oil & Gas Ltd.



Modena Resources



Modular Transportable Housing, Inc,



Module Resources Incorporated



MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Company



Mole•Master Services Corporation



Molopo Energy Limited



Moly Mines Limited



Molycor Gold Corp.



Monaro Mining NL



Monax Mining Limited



Moneta Porcupine Mines Inc.



Monitor Energy Ltd.



Monster Uranium Corp.



Montello Resources Ltd.



Monterrico Metals plc



Montezuma Mining Company Ltd.



Monument Mining Limited



Monument Resources, Inc.



Morning Star Gold NL



Morris Corporation



Mosaic Oil N.L.



Mosher Limestone Co. Ltd.



Mosquito Consolidated Gold Mines Limited



Moss Lake Gold Mines Ltd



Motive Traction Pty Ltd.



Mount Burgess Mining N.L.



Mount Gibson Iron Limited



Mount Magnet South NL



Mountain Boy Minerals



Mountain Lake Resources Inc.



Mountain Province Diamonds Inc.



Mountainview Energy Ltd.



Moydow Mines International Inc.



Mozley House



MPH Consulting Limited



MPH Ventures Corp.



MQes Uranium Inc.



MRC Group of Companies









Mt Isa Metals Limited



Mukuba Resources Limited



Multi-Power Products Ltd.



Multiquip Inc.






Mundo Minerals Limited



Mundoro Capital Inc.



Murchison Metals Limited



Murgor Resources Inc.



Murphy Oil USA, Inc.



Murray & Roberts



Murray & Roberts Cementation



Murray Energy Corporation



Mustang Minerals Corp.



Mutiny Gold Ltd.



Mvelaphanda Resources Limited



Mwana Africa PLC



Nagambie Mining Limited



NAL Oil & Gas Trust



Namakwa Diamonds Ltd.



Namex Explorations Inc.



Namibian Resources plc



Nanika Resources Inc.



Nasaco International LLC



Natasa Mining Ltd.



National Coal Corp.



Nautilus Minerals Inc



Nava Resources Inc.



Navigator Resources Limited



Nayarit Gold Inc.



NDCO Group of Companies



Nebu Resources Inc.



Nemaska Exploration Inc.



NEMI Northern Energy & Mining Inc.



Neo Material Technologies Inc.



Neon Energy Limited



Neptune Minerals Plc



Ness Security Products Pty Ltd



Network Exploration Ltd.



Nevada Copper Corp.



Nevada Exploration Inc.



Nevada Sunrise Gold Corp.



Nevgold Resource Corp.



Nevoro Inc.



Nevsun Resources Ltd.



New African Mining AG



New Dawn Mining Corp.



New Dimension Resources Ltd.



New Gold Inc.



New Guinea Energy Ltd.



New Guinea Gold Corporation



New Hope Corporation Limited



New Island Resources Inc.



New Millennium Capital Corp.



New Nadina Explorations Limited



New Pacific Metals Corp.



New Range Resources Ltd.



New Sage Energy Corp.



New Shoshoni Ventures Ltd.



New Standard Energy Limited



New World Resource Corp.



New World Resources N.V.



New Zealand Oil & Gas Limited



Newcastle Minerals Ltd.



Newcrest Mining Limited



Newera Uranium Limited



Newfield Exploration Company



Newmont Mining Corporation



Newport Gold Inc.



Newport Mining Limited



Newstrike Capital Inc.



Newstrike Resources Ltd.



Nex Metals Explorations Ltd



Next Gen Metals Inc.



Nexus Energy Limited



Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited.



NGEx Resources Inc.



Niblack Mineral Development Inc.



Nickel Asia Corporation



Nickelore Limited



NiCo Mining Limited



Nido Petroleum Ltd.



Niger Uranium Limited



Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation



Niko Resources Ltd.



Nikos Explorations Ltd.






Nimrodel Resources Ltd



Niocan Inc.



Niogold Mining Corporation



Niplats Australia Ltd.



Nitro Petroleum Inc.



Nkwe Platinum (Australia) Pty Limited



NL Technologies



NMC Resource Corporation






Noble Mineral Resources Ltd.



Norbar Torque Tools Ltd



Norcast Castings Company Ltd.



Nord Resources Corporation



Nordic Mine Technology Inc.



Nordic Oil and Gas Ltd.



Norilsk Nickel



Normet Oy



Noront Resources Ltd.



Norseman Gold Plc



Norsemont Mining Inc.



Nortec Minerals Corp.



North American Gem Inc.



North American Palladium Ltd.



North American Tungsten Corporation Ltd.



North Atlantic Resources Ltd.



North Australian Diamonds Limited



North Bay Resources Inc.



North Fringe Resources Inc.



North Peace Energy Corp.



North Queensland Metals



North River Resources Plc



Northam Platinum Limited



Northern Abitibi Mining Corp.



Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd.



Northern Energy & Mining Inc.



Northern Energy Corporation Limited



Northern Freegold Resources Ltd.



Northern Gold Mining Inc.



Northern Iron Limited



Northern Lion Gold Corp.



Northern Mining Limited



Northern Platinum Limited



Northern Shield Resources



Northern Star Mining



Northern Star Resources Ltd.



Northern Superior Resources Inc.



Northern Survey Supply



Northern Territory Oil Limited



Northern Tiger Resources Inc.



Northern Uranium Limited



Northgate Minerals Corporation



Northland Resources AB



Northquest Ltd.



Northrock Resources Inc.



Northwest Resources Ltd.



Norton Gold Fields Limited



Norwest Energy NL



Norwood Resources Ltd.



NovaGold Resources Inc.






Novus Gold Corp.



NQ Exploration Inc.



NT Mining Corporation



NT Resources Limited



NuCoal Resources NL



Nuinsco Resources Limited



NuLoch Resources Inc.






NuPower Resources Ltd.



NuVista Energy Ltd.



NWM Mining Corporation



NWT Uranium Corp.



Nyah Resources Inc.



Nyota Minerals Limited



OAO Gazprom



Occidental Oil and Gas Corporation



OceanaGold Corporation



Octanex N.L.



Odin Energy Ltd.



Odin Mining and Exploration Limited



Odyssey Resources Limited



Ohmart/VEGA Corporation



Oil & Gas Exploration Co. Jaslo Ltd.



Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited



Oil Basins Limited



Oil Search Limited



Oilcheck Pty Ltd






Oilpath Hydraulics Pty. Ltd.



OKD, a.s



Oklo Uranium Limited



Oldenburg Group Incorporated



Oliver Footwear



Olivut Resources Ltd



Olympia/LMC, Inc.



Olympus Pacific Minerals Inc.



ONA Group



OneSteel Ltd



Onsite Track Easy



Ontex Resources Limited



Opal Horizon Limited



Opawica Explorations Inc.



Open Range Energy Corp.



Optalert Pty Ltd



Optech Incorporated



OPTI Canada Inc.



Optimac (Pty) Ltd



Oracle Energy Corp.



Orbite Exploration



Orca Exploration Group Inc.



Orchard Petroleum Inc.



Ord River Resources Ltd



Oremex Resources Inc.



Orex Exploration Inc.



Orex Minerals Inc.



Orezone Gold Corporation



ORH Limited



Origin Energy



Orion Gold NL



Orion Metals Limited



Orion Petroleum Limited



Orko Silver Corporation



Orleans Energy Ltd.



Ormonde Mining plc



Oro Gold Resources Ltd.



Oro Silver Resources Ltd.



Oroco Resource Corp.



Orocobre Limited



Oromin Explorations Ltd.



Orosur Mining Inc.



Oroya Mining Limited



Orsa Ventures Corp



Orsu Metals Corporation



Orvana Minerals Corp.



OSE Corp.



Osisko Mining Corporation



Osprey Energy Consulting International, LLC






Otis Gold Corp.



OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc.



Otraco International Pty Ltd



Otterburn Ventures Inc.



Otto Energy Ltd.



Outback Metals Ltd



Outotec Auburn



Overland Resources Limited



Overseas Uranium Resources Development Co., Ltd.



Oxbow Group